Merger Communications

Case Study: Petrochemical Company

A merger communication team was formed in the environment, health and safety department of a global petrochemical company, following an announcement that the company was being acquired.

Effective management of transition issues helps ensure that the new organization starts up with a clear focus and good productivity. Communication support is necessary so that employees can readily adjust to the new organization and relationship changes associated with the new company. A primary factor in poor post-merger performance is the failure to address transition issues.

An application of the William Bridges transition management model was used during the initial stages of the takeover. A merger communication team for the department was put in place immediately after the merger was announced, using a transition approach that honors the people side of change.

A communication plan was developed to ensure that the need for timely and effective communication was met throughout the new organization. The plan consisted of providing regular, consistent communication to employees, and training and guidance to first line supervisors and managers.

Note:┬áIf you would like specific references to the companies that are mentioned, I’d be happy to provide them.

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