Leadership Development Coaching

Helping business leaders take ideas to action and build trust

Take Ideas to Action: Coaching services to executives and mid-level leaders

By managing the flow of ideas, we develop a strategic plan of implementation to attract and improve relationships with your market so your market will want to meet you, your people, products and/or services:

Managing an idea

  • Help discover, shape, ground, or fine tune an idea
  • Assist in the management, direction and flow of how an idea is identified, experienced, birthed, strategized, taken to action
  • Assist an organization or team to be more effective in relationship with their ideas, solutions, and the enhancement of their ideas
  • Enhance or build upon an existing idea
  • Help a good idea become profitable

Managing your stress

  • Organize the chaos that needs to be given focus and order
  • Birth an idea into strategy and implementation
  • Experience a new idea
  • Experience a solution to an existing idea
  • Find solutions and create new solutions to existing operations
  • Discover the questions that need to be answered

Organizational Trust Building

Trust BuildingTrust is the currency of any business. Are you looking to create a culture that allows for successful, trusting relationships and, therefore, success in the marketplace? It is the intangibles that make trust critical to the bottom line.

Noreen Kelly & Co.  can help facilitate a desired culture and environment in which a company is attracting its market, working in a spirit of integrity and harmony, and creating trusting relationships by:

  • Helping management blend and integrate the processes, knowledge and cultures of two organizations engaged in mergers and acquisitions.
  • Assisting management with addressing the emotional transitions associated with a restructuring, and helping employees adjust to the new organization.
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing initiatives by supporting an organization’s efforts to capture and share collective knowledge and build an environment of trust, collaboration and cooperation.

Download Trust in Business Model PDF here.

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