I am a professional intuitive and live in my right brain, happily “winging it” business-wise for the most part. But when I was trying to complete some projects recently that had deadlines and required a lot of structure to complete while continuing to maintain my full time practice, I needed help and consulted Noreen. She gave me the guidance and provided the structure that made the completion doable. Thanks to her tools and weekly accountability sessions I was able to get my projects done without quitting my income producing work and without suffering burn out.” — Jacque E.

Noreen Kelly is a terrific Life Coach! I liked her nonjudgmental way of helping me work through those blockages that were inhibiting me from achieving my goals. She celebrated my victories whether small or large leading me to feel encouraged by her support. I always felt Noreen was on my team throughout every step of my journey. I would hire her again when I feel the need for support in accomplishing my goals. I highly recommend Noreen Kelly as a Life Coach.” — Nancy B.

Noreen helped me get back on track. Prior to her coaching, I was feeling a lot of overwhelm and procrastination … I had become paralyzed. Now, I feel myself growing and coming into my own. It was like coming out of a coma ~ I’m a different person ~ transformed. People see that my outlook has changed. I’m a man of purpose again. I have more clarity. She helped propel me to be the person I want to be. Change is hard, but I’m doin’ it! Thank you, Noreen.” — Antoine H.

I was extremely skeptical of working with a life coach. I had many assumptions and perceptions that prevented me from hiring one. As a favor, I accept the hiring of a life coach and found Noreen. Upon meeting her, she immediately figured me out and knew how to deal with me as a highly analytical personality type – meaning, she knew I would not like to “talk” about my problems and wanted to deal in a straightforward, no-nonsense, progress-oriented way. We discussed the relationship boundaries, expectations, and projected outcomes on the first meeting. This was no kind of relationship already! Moving forward – Noreen exerted her expertise in listening skills, generating a clear understanding of what I was saying. We navigated my hesitations, fears, and desires in a comfortable speed toward my biggest hang-up. Tackling your challenges as a life coach is recommended! I would never have overcome my depression and figured out how to make my life have a purpose without her by my side. Work with Noreen and you won’t regret it!” — Liz V.

When I met Noreen, I was being taken off my menopause hormones, which were helping me stay focused, balanced and functioning. I also suffer from SDD (seasonal defective disorder) and my anxiety and depression were being kept in check with the hormones. During the dark days of winter that are hard for everyone, but especially those with SDD, my phone sessions with Noreen helped to keep me from falling into the typical depression that I fight during that time. As our time progressed, so did the effects of being off the hormones. My weekly sessions with Noreen helped me to stay focused. During those sessions, we laughed, contemplated and agreed on ways of keeping me on task. When I started to slip, Noreen would come up with different ways to keep me on track. I used to joke about having a life coach, never really considered it. Now I would recommend it for everyone! I am grateful for the opportunity to have spent this time with Noreen. She was an excellent coach for me and would be for anyone who would be blessed to have her as their coach.” With sincere respect and admiration, Donna G.


Noreen Kelly worked as a consultant for my two companies and a Foundation for two years. She constructed Web site materials, as well as edited my writings. Her work ethic is superb … always on time and on target. She has a way of pulling together fragments so they make sense with excellent style. If you go to our Web sites, much of the written materials was the result of Noreen taking my writing and making it commercial. Noreen’s skills go beyond Public Relations and writing. She is a connector to the media, health care industry executives and trade magazines. I have personally benefited from her ability to approach others who can help us expand our sphere of influence, and in my opinion, that is the most important thing I have to do as a CEO.

Noreen also brought to our company ideas and perspectives on issues of trust, leadership and communication. It was this input that inspired me to incorporate trust as part of the cultural foundation for our newly formed company, All-American Care.

Noreen is a valuable asset, and one of the nicest and most sincere people I have met. She is a jewel.”

— Jerry L. Rhoads, CPA, CEO, FACHCA, Caregiver Management Systems, Inc.

Noreen is a friendly and responsive writer and project manager, experienced in corporate communications initiatives and projects for global companies. I have worked with Noreen on a number of small and large scale communications in the past, and always enjoyed working with her.” — Joe Cooper, VP, Digital and Content Strategy at Ketchum

I have known Noreen for many years and have had the pleasure to see her develop her consulting practice into one that serves her clients and the worldwide community with great integrity and honesty. Noreen’s highest values of trust and integrity are expressed in her client work and community service projects. Personally, I have seen Noreen deliver everything the client asks for and then more, on time and within budget. All who work with Noreen soon discover her passion to serve the world wide community with honesty and sincerity, because with Noreen, trust matters!” — Benjamin Wechsler, Innovation Strategist, President & Founder, Benjamin Wechsler, Inc.

Noreen provided me with the guidance and direction I needed in my business start-up. Her resourcefulness and research helped me get the word out in a way that was cost effective and creative. Many thanks!” — Merikay Kimball, M.A., LCPC, Founding Partner of Living Change Well

Noreen has a vision for consistency and flow and always looks at the whole picture or plan when working on a project. I appreciate her honesty and positive attitude, which gives me the confidence to know that the final product is of the highest standard. Her talent, creativity, professionalism and pleasant personality have been a great fit for us.” – Sharon L. Rhoads, CEO, Dorotha C. White Foundation

Noreen thoroughly immersed herself in our shared project. Her contributions were invaluable and were key to the success of the project. A brilliant writer, confident and trusted colleague, I would recommend Noreen for any project without hesitation.” — Spencer Maus, President, JASE Consulting, Inc.

The combination of Noreen’s communication and management savvy and skills make her a rare resource.” — Jerry Ash, publisher and founder of Smart People Magazine, founder of the Association of Knowledgework (AOK), and former reporter, columnist and consulting editor for Knowledge Management magazine

It is a great pleasure to know and work with Noreen Kelly. Noreen is a talented, resourceful and experienced communication professional. Through her reliability and responsiveness, she creates a high level of trust and you can count on her to deliver her projects on time. Noreen’s exemplary writing skills provide value to a wide range of projects including high-level communication plans, program agendas, fundraising appeal letters, website copy, email blasts and promotional pieces. She also has a keen editing eye which instills confidence in your publications. Noreen is committed to building trust for her clients by promoting harmony in the workplace and success in the marketplace through the Spirit of Relationship.” — Dexanne Card, Manager of Business Operations, Bodhi Spiritual Center

Noreen Kelly brings extensive experience in providing communications consulting to companies of all sizes, as well as leading change communication efforts. Most importantly, I recommend Noreen since she talks the talk and walks the walk.” — Dawn Gay, Board Member-at-Large at NAHSE – Chicago Midwest Chapter

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