Tom Peters – Thoughts on Trust

“Technique and technology are important. But trust is the issue of the decade.” – Tom Peters

“Leadership is a sacred trust. The decision to lead is the decision to be responsible for the growth and development of your fellow human beings.” – The Little BIG Things: 163 ways to pursue excellence, by Tom Peters (2010).

Tom Peters offered this timeless advice from two companies in his 1994 book, The Tom Peters Seminar: Crazy times call for crazy organizations:

CEO Rick Teerlink enumerates the simple but potent official philosophy (write it down) that has turned Harley-Davidson from government mendicant to global star:

* Tell the Truth
* Be Fair
* Keep Your Promises
* Respect the Individual
* Encourage Intellectual Curiosity

That’s it. And one tall order. How does your unit’s (10-person accounts-receivable team, division, etc.) philosophy measure up? In theory? In practice?

At the information-systems firm Scitor, CEO Roger Meade has made challenging management part of the corporate creed:

Utilize your best judgement at all times. Ask yourself: Is it fair and reasonable? Is it honest? Does it make good business sense in the context of our established objectives? If you can answer yes to all of these, then proceed. Remember, you are accountable against this policy for all your actions.

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